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Nd: Yag (1064 nm wavelength)

The Nd: Yag laser systems include: CoolGlide, Medlite IV, Varia, Athos, Lyra, and Image.

The Nd: Yag is capable of treating all six skin colors. However, there is not sufficient evidence that this laser can produce effective long-term hair removal. The original ultra-short duration (< 1 millisecond) Nd: Yag lasers that were used with tar solutions or suspensions in the Soft Light method produced a short-term hair loss with COMPLETE hair RE-GROWTH in 6 months.

Current Nd: Yag systems are using longer pulse durations without any tar. Patients have reported these systems to be very painful. Also, there is insufficient data to show that long-term (6 months and longer) hair reduction will result from the modified Nd: Yag lasers.

Nd: Yag and 800 nm Diode lasers are being promoted for use in the darkest skin colors. As of now I remain skeptical and would advise using my Ultimate Light™ pulsed light method instead.

- Harvey H. Jay, M.D.
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The information on this site is provided as our analysis and opinions as of April 2007. For more specific information contact Dr. Harvey H. Jay at (212) 755-2237. The results with each machine vary with the skill of the physician operator. No blanket endorsement of one machine or method is possible or intended.